Agile Team Organisation: Squads, Chapters, Tribes and Guilds

Why Reorganise?


Roadmap Sabotage

Sabotage is a big one. Imagine in Hollywood war movies, where the good…

Roadmap Architecture & Structure

This becomes increasingly important as your company, teams and products scale. The larger your company and product grows, the more difficult it can be to…

A Scrum Master is not a Manager

Protect the Team

This can come in many forms such as uneducated stakeholders or over eager product owners. I have highlighted two things below which I think are important for the Scrum Master to protect the team from.


Estimate Story Points in Ranges

Image you have a well where you take water, and you need to transport 10 litres of water back to the village. You have a 8 litre bucket and a 13 litre bucket. …

Missing Stand Up on Sprint Planning Day

A good tip to save you some time is to not do the Sprint Planning on the day of Sprint Planning. What you should actually do is spend a few minutes at the end of the Sprint Planning meeting to discuss the first…

When User Stories Get Bigger

Its a common practice, when you…

7 Signs that you are failing at Scrum

1 — You Have Abandoned the Sprint Retrospective

2 — User Stories Aren’t Finished on Time

Preaching Agile

These usually include:

  • Working at a sustainable pace
  • Working in collaborative, self-organising and collaborative teams

Ashley-Christian Hardy

Product leader. A strong advocate in innovation, experimentation and building great products with the use of qualitative and quantitative research.

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