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  • Ernest Haines

    Ernest Haines

    Product Development Manager who enjoys life and believes the glass is always half full. Happiness is a state of mind.

  • Noureddine Chatti

    Noureddine Chatti

  • Amalik Amriou

    Amalik Amriou

    Agile Team Leader — Product & Data @ Peaks. Currently Senior Product Owner Big Data & Messaging @ Bedrock / M6 https://amalikamriou.com



  • Simon Wittmann

    Simon Wittmann

  • Tiago Albano

    Tiago Albano

    I love collaborating with teams of different areas in order to rethink processes and products that will delight customers and change people’s lives.

  • Thomas Veit

    Thomas Veit

    UX, UI, Psychology, Innovation, Design Thinking, Design Systems @3ap | @hyperisland & @Shillington_ Alumni

  • Sjoerd Nijland

    Sjoerd Nijland

    Founder Serious Scrum. Scrum Trainer. Join the Road to Mastery.

  • Vilius Zigmantas

    Vilius Zigmantas

    Live in-person self-efficacy. This sentence is grammatically correct. Now please, focus!

  • Clive Ciappara

    Clive Ciappara

    Hi, I’m Clive. Angular Developer at Fyorin. Addicted to .NET and IoT. Love photography and design

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