Don’t Rename the Sprint Review

Its called the Sprint Review for a Reason

In my previous post about the Sprint Planning Meeting: The Sprint Review: The Product Owners Meeting I went through in depth regarding this Scrum ceremony.

The Demo vs The Review

If you say the word ‘demo’, whats the first thing that comes into your head? If you are in business, I guess it’s something like a salesman showing you a product; hoping you will buy it.

Meeting Aim

The meeting should not be a formal display of the product, the meeting needs to be informal and should not be made up to be fancier than it actually is.


Changing the name of the Sprint Review, or any other Scrum meeting changes how everyone thinks about them. Calling it something fancier makes it feel formal and changes how people act in the meeting. By keeping its intended name, everyone knows and understands what is it expected and can act accordingly.

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