What will kill your product roadmap the quickest?

Roadmap Sabotage

Creating and building products or projects can be a tough thing, and there are usually many different factors (some in your control, some not) that can cause your project to fail and ultimately kill your product roadmap.

Negative Attitude

The crippling effects of a negative attitude have been known for decades. The United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS), now known as the CIA has known this since World War II. They even put out a handbook on this called Simple Sabotage Field Manual (https://www.gutenberg.org/files/26184/page-images/26184-images.pdf).

  • adopt a non-cooperative attitude
  • create an unpleasant situation
  • bicker
  • display surliness and stupidity
  • induce others to follow suit

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Ashley-Christian Hardy

Product leader. A strong advocate in innovation, experimentation and building great products with the use of qualitative and quantitative research.